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    ISBN: 9781599793559

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Forfatter/Kunstner: Coniglio, John V

Son Of Man

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    A blend of Christian apocalyptic fiction and visionary sci-fi, Son of Man is a futuristic retelling of the major biblical events of Christ?s life. Set in the year A.D. 2454, it opens with the awakening of Cog, a war machine who has mysteriously become a sentient entity. Cog demonstrates powers of healing, spiritually unites humanity, and brings peace to a solar system in chaos. Meanwhile, the Dragon, a representation of Satan, deceives society and claims to be the one granting Cog life. The Dragon then sends out his own son to act as an imposter of Cog to serve as a corruptive element in the end-time prophecy. The story opens portals to as-yet undiscovered and unimagined entities and places. Supernatural creatures and powers vie for dominance within the universal realm, engaging in massive wars for eternal rulership of the universe. All the while their ultimate success hangs in the balance of Cog?s decision.

    Coniglio, John V
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