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Forfatter/Kunstner: Willow Tree

Courage (Angel of Courage)

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    Højde: 14,5 cm

    Angels seem to resonate greatly with all ages and cultures of people. To some they represent protection, to some they are an outward reminder of inner peace and virtue, and to some they represent a way to remember those who have left this earth. Regardless of personal conviction, angels seem to provide comfort to those searching for answers in a world with so many unknowns.
    Bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage

    “I sculpted the first Angel of Courage in 2001 to celebrate the triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage we call upon to face challenges in our lives — whether they be our health or the well-being of our loved ones. In response to an overwhelming request for this sentiment, I re-sculpted Courage in 2006. I hope this figure can be a reminder of people in our lives who inspire us with their strength and courage every day."

    Willow Tree
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